About The Altai CCI

The Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in December 12, 1991 by Altai business groups, and was accredited in the Russian Federation system of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental, non-profit  organization authorized by the Russian Federation Law on Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the interests of enterprises and organizations of different types of ownership and encompasses all business sectors.

The mission of the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to contribute to the development of socially oriented economy of Altai Region and integrate it into the Russian and world economic systems. It provides favorable conditions for the advancement of  business.

Business Values of the Chamber:

The Altai CCI's associates are guided in their day-to-day activities by business values of the Chamber, which are fundamental for the activity of any modern organization. Business values of the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry are openness, reliance, decency, professionalism and obligatoriness.

Openness. First of all it includes the free access to any information which is held by the Chamber. That's why the Altai CCI Internet site was created, which works all day long. Openness is also the possibility for every organization to call for with an idea or question. If the question belongs to the Altai CCI's sphere of duties, it will be decided at once. If the question is of the non-core  order processes for CCI's system, the organization will be recommended someone to address to.

Reliance. The Altai CCI decides questions in the interests of the CCI's member or any organization addressed to the Chamber in compliance with law and etiquette. The Chamber finds the smarter, more appropriate and reasonable way to solve the situation. The Altai CCI stuff does the best to achieve the desired result. The Chamber is responsible for the quality and accuracy of the service and for the reliability of the supplied information.

Decency. The fulfillment of constructive written or verbal agreements is the basis of the Altai CCI's effectiveness.

Professionalism. Services are provided at a high level capacity. The Altai CCI is a continuing improvement process as any interruption is the step back.

Obligatoriness. The Chamber is absolutely ready to fulfill contracts quickly and efficiently and to provide considerate and benevolent assistance is solving various problems of the Altai CCI's members and its clients. 

Major Tasks of the Altai CCI:

  • to promote the civilized business principles;
  • to develop business service infrastructure;
  • to assist the creation of modern industrial, financial and commercial infrastructure in Altai Region;
  • to assist the settlement of disputes with their social partners, public and local authorities;
  • to expand and consolidate trade and economic ties of Altai entrepreneurs with  Russian  and foreign  entrepreneurs;
  • to form of a positive image of enterprise.