Foreign economic activity

Trade and economic missions (TEM) are one of the instruments for the realization of the Altai CCI tasks.

Trade and economic missions are procedures aimed at establishing and developing of trade and economic, scientific and technical ties between the entrepreneurs of different RF regions and foreign countries.

The TEM delegation is formed from managers and top specialists interested in market of another region. An individual program of business meetings is made for discussing possibility of perspective collaboration (contracts, minutes of intentions and reaching agreements signing) for every enterprise. It helps entrepreneurs to find potential partners without the risk of an unreliable partner.

Trade and economic missions are one of the most effective modern instruments of marketing that allow entrepreneurs to solve a broad range of tasks promptly:

  • to conduct negotiations with managers from potential partners;
  • to meet the authorities;
  • to negotiate a contract for goods delivery/supply;
  • to determine new sales/supply channels;
  • to determine the most perspective business associates
  • to organize goods presentations, to present your own brands;
  • to conduct an analysis of an emerging market, to study and estimate the potential business competitors.

Complexity of this instrument allows to solve the majority of assigned tasks efficiently, to succeed quickly, and to decrease enterprises and organizations expenditures considerably while launching new markets of the RF regions and foreign countries.

It should be noted that the participants of the delegation get acquainted in the course of the mission with each other more closely, and it gives an opportunity to establish most effective business relations.

The participation in such events is widely covered by the Altai Krai mass media and by the mass media of visited regions and countries and it makes the participation in trade and economic missions more attractive and effective.